Power of Self Control

SELF CONTROL – Control yourself first. Then you can control others.

Swami Sivananda says that “self-control is control exercised over oneself. It is the power or habit of having one’s emotions, desires and aptitude, success and mind under control”.

Self-control clears the mind, strengths will power and judgment. It uplifts your character. It gives you freedom, peace, bliss and joy. Will attain self-realization.

Power of self control

Conquer by self. Till you have done this, you are only a slave of your senses.

He who rules his passions, desires, cravings and senses is the real king of kings. Crowns are nothing for him.

Silence speaks louder than any words. Good or famous peoples are always respectable when they talk too much they are spoiling their name and fame. Control in mind and speech is important.

Every temptation that is resisted, every evil thought that is overcome, every desire craving that is destroyed, every wrong action that is checked paves a long way to the attainment of everlasting peace and bliss.

Self-control gives you power to with stand trial, to bear suffering and to face danger.

Self-control is only courage under another form” – Samuel Smiles

Be aware in your words while you speak with others. People who don’t have self-control are giving place to anger which ends in bad result.

Yoga” which helps a lot to control one’s mind.


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