Mind Your Mind – Your Thoughts Becomes Your Destiny

You would have tried the ‘Balsam plant’ experiment in your secondary class. Let’s recap it once again!

Take three glasses of water and keep one balsam plant in each glass. Lay a few drops of different food colours into every glass of water – like red, blue and purple.

Let the plants in the coloured water for a whole day.

What do you see the next day.

Every balsam plant turns into the identical colour as the coloured water in its glass.

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Mind Your Mind - Your Thoughts Becomes Your Destiny


The plant absorbs the coloured water through its roots and sends the water to all the its parts and thus the plants changes into the new colour!

Mind Your Mind - Your Thoughts Becomes Your Destiny

Importance of minding your Mind

The mind is like the balsam in water too…

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Whatever information your mind absorbs from its environments it stores inside it for later use! So, it becomes your concern to ‘mind your mind’. Pay attention to what assistance and knowledge your parents and teachers give. They are your well-wishers and will only give you the right information for your healthy growth. Learn to filter out what is pointless / needless for your mind. Only then will your mind blossom, like the balsam plant in the coloured water, with a pure and healthy glow.

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Just as pant absorbs minerals from the soil, your mind grows on the thoughts that you sow. Remember, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

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