How Long Does It Take to Form a New Habit?

One study found a significant rise in habit formation over the period of three months. For those who continued to consistently engage in the goal behavior during that time, the effect was strongest.

Differences between persons help to explain why some people develop habits more quickly than others. While individual variations are crucial, it’s also critical to understand how circumstances and the environment can affect behaviors. For instance, those with more time to dedicate to habit formation will be able to do it much more quickly.

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How long will it thus take you to form a new habit? It relies on a number of variables, such as:

Your Character

Some people may be more adept at forming new habits because they possess particular personality traits or tendencies that make it easier for them to pick up new skills and behaviors.

For instance, developing good habits like practicing mindfulness or adhering to a balanced diet may be simpler for you if you are extremely organized and meticulous.

The Particular Behavior

Every habit is not formed equally. Depending on the behavior, some habits can be created more quickly than others.

The longer it takes for a behavior to become ingrained, the more complicated the behavior is.

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For instance, it’s simpler to develop the habit of drinking more water than it is to do regular exercise. Water consumption is quicker, easier, and involves less work both physically and mentally. Contrarily, exercise involves physical work, planning, time, and motivation.

Your Way of Life and Situation

How long it takes to form a habit can be significantly influenced by your existing lifestyle and surroundings. Building healthy food or exercise habits, for instance, might take longer for a working parent with little leisure time.


Your personality, your goals, and your environment will all have an impact on how long it takes for you to develop a habit. Even though you might not immediately achieve your objective, making progress every day will help you create a long-lasting habit.

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