Interesting ads

Now a day’s ads become an important source for all the industries.

Previously ads are so boring. When an ad comes between serials or movies we will just move out of the place to finish our pending work. It was not so interesting because there was no creativity, innovative, attraction, photographic etc. But now everything is there.

Lenovo laptop ad was so good, every word in the ad are so inspiring which tempt us to buy the laptop. I wrote a posting technique for success, it was just 4 lines, so I hesitated to publish it. But after seeing this ad I just published it. It might be 4 lines but more powerful.

Mentos ad
Children study in their subject that human beings old appearance is a monkey but later they changed in to an early man stage. There is big study about that but in Mentos ad he showed the full story in 0.58 seconds.

Diaper Ads

Always babies ad looks good. Actress Kajol diaper ads is really awesome. Watch and enjoy Kajol and baby expression.


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