How To Respond If You Feel Hopeless

These days, it’s common to feel hopeless, so we need to know what to do.

You could occasionally feel hopeless if you read the news, live in the modern age, and are confronted by the tragic issues of our time. That occurs frequently and is normal. Yet, feeling hopeless can result in much higher danger if you have a behavioral or mental problem such as depression, addiction, or any other.We need a recovery strategy for when the hopeless feelings strike for those of us in recovery who are battling all of those things on a daily basis. It’s also crucial to comprehend how hopeless feels.

Many things can make you feel out of your depth.

A new job might make you feel anxious and fearful, a new relationship can make you fearful of commitment, and any sort of self-improvement can make you feel hopeless when it doesn’t seem like you’re improving.

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Geopolitical developments, politics, environmental worries, and financial issues are all major sources of stress at the moment.

Being completely overwhelmed is a significant component of maturing and overcoming a successful recovery. Feeling completely overwhelmed is a part of life.

Being overwhelmed is common, but how you respond will determine your success.

I can sometimes make a ton of blunders and still manage to chuckle my way through them. On other days, a single incorrectly typed email in a group might drive me into a panic. What may others believe of me?

How could I have committed such a heinous mistake?

My emotional sobriety and recovery always determines whether I receive a positive or negative response. The problem is that the longer I am in recovery, the less tolerance I have for BS, even from myself. I’m now debating with myself about how absurd it is that I feel awful over an email mistake as I sit there in a spiral of shame. Greetings from the wacky. If I linger in the madness for too long, hopelessness results. I have no chance and am helpless.

It’s unpleasant to feel. Crazy is uncomfortable. Stressed out is unpleasant. I no longer fit into any of the dysfunctional “isms” that allowed me to live happily for so long. Paralyzing overwhelm and hopelessness have no place in my life right now. I have too many people and tasks on my plate to be interrupted every five seconds by low self-worth. So what do you do?

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What To Do When You Feel Hopeless

Find out what is causing your anxiety or overload.

If you don’t know what’s worrying you, you can’t plan or consider remedies. Make an old-fashioned list of the things that are overwhelming you by sitting down with a pen and paper. You can discuss how to manage each one after you have a list you can consult. For instance, if the news is playing, pause the news for a moment. Get very clear about who might be able to assist you if you are experiencing financial or physical fear. Many people are using financial programs to get through these tumultuous times.

Regardless of the name, there are financial programs like Debtors Anonymous that can assist people in finding support and answers for a variety of money-related problems. Do some research, make a doctor’s appointment, and receive the knowledge you require to feel better if you are concerned about your health or the health of a kid or loved one.

Accepting is the solution to all of my current troubles.

In order to change your viewpoint and begin considering solutions rather than merely dwelling on the issues or grudges, you are asked to discover acceptance in recovery. You cannot change what you are dealing with, so accept it. You know you’re on the correct track when the conversation shifts from “This is too much” or “Why is this happening to me?” to “This is occurring so what can I do stay OK through it.” It is a truth that many people are having financial difficulties due to inflation. When the topic shifts to how to increase income or savings, or who can pitch in to help, You then move toward a solution, and relief follows a solution. Here, we’re looking for relief. Join a support group and get self-care training if you have a loved one who is ill. To feel better, we’re taking action.

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Change your focus to conquer that hopeless feeling

Now that we’ve identified the source of our overwhelm and gained some understanding of it, the next question is: What can you control? Concentrate on the issues that you have control over. It’s time to put your attention on other things and yourself if the scenario that’s upsetting you is beyond your control. This is the time to begin compiling a list of suggestions and remedies if you are confronted with issues that require attention. Who can you speak with who has knowledge of your current circumstance and who can provide you with insightful counsel? Who can you confide in to assist you navigate your emotions or at the very least provide a sympathetic ear? Find the things to focus on that will get you closer to what you want.

Enjoy yourself and stay active.

What do you like to do for fun? is one of the first questions you could be asked in some recovery programs. The answer is crucial because we cannot have pleasure while we are paralyzed by anxiety or despair. We aren’t considering how to have a good time today or what might keep us entertained for a while. Now, you have my permission to go have some fun. Get outside, attend a movie, a concert, a museum, start making something, give your time to charity, or volunteer. As the holiday season approaches, there are so many individuals in need. Check into neighborhood charities like The Salvation Army; they often have exciting food drives and other ways you can contribute. I vowed. Although it might not be as much fun as the old-school raves, you’ll feel great afterwards, and that’s important too. Give yourself a minute to laugh and reclaim your life because it is the best treatment. Stress, worry, stress, and other negative emotions make it impossible to feel light. Discover methods to let joy and light in.

Make lists of priorities and to-dos

It’s time to prioritize your tasks and create to-do lists if your feelings of overload or helplessness are the result of having too much responsibility. What must be completed today? Can family members perform certain tasks? Do you have any tasks to assign? When and where must you be? It helps a lot to have everything organized and in black and white in front of you. Utilize your phone’s reminder and note features, hang a vintage calendar on the wall, and interact with those nearby. You can start working your way through the list and crossing items off once you’ve organized and prioritized your duties.

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So much growth takes place in the stillness and the pause. It’s crucial to be able to stop and be quiet when we’re feeling the worst, the worst, or the most terrified. The game-changers are breathing exercises and meditation. Knowing how to relax when you’re stressed out and being able to reduce your pulse rate both help.

You now know what’s upsetting you and what you can do to begin making yourself feel better if you were paying attention.

What are your upcoming plans? You shouldn’t simply close this tab and go with your day. Make a list of the steps you need to take to address the situation that is making you feel helpless or overwhelmed. You are capable of completing this. If you do, you’ll feel better.


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