Why Should You Grow Positive Thoughts?

POSITIVE THOUGHTS – Zen Saint was staying in the town. The local man came to him and asked the saint that How I could progress in life. All my friends, classmates, why… the next house person was well developed and living the happiest life. I didn’t even progress a little.

What should I do sir? The local person asked.

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why should you grow positive thoughts

Monk asked him some questions.

What are you looking for?



Not sufficient. Having food, just 2 times a day.

Have you tried to do any work?

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I am afraid of new places and taking risks, and suspecting whether a new master will be good or not good. What is the fear of what to do… ”

Why are you interested in doing self-business?

Yes, I am interested. But bit scared. What do I do if I lose? Or What do I do if I lose wealth in business? This is what I kept quiet.

 Jen Guru was looking at him.

 After a few minutes of silence.

 The local person asked….

 Guru Ji, Can you tell me what should I do to get light for my life?

How many days do I need to take training? Or should I say any mantras? I am ready to do anything…

 Guruji, Is there any solution for my problem?

 Guruji said: Yes, there is.

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 The indigenous person felt so excited. And said I am willing to do whatever you say.

 Gen Guru said just in one night all your problem will be shattered.

 In astonishment, the local person asked, is it?

Do you mean, my problem will be resolved in one day, what a magnificent magic it Then tells me what is that.

 There is no magic. Just do this, do not think about monkeys only tonight.

 Why should I not think about the monkey? Did I make any sin to monkeys?

 Jen said – Do not query any negative question! Do as I say.

 So, he thanked Jen monk and walked home. On the way, the word of the monk about monkey was coming back again and again in his mind. And he is thinking about Monkeys teeth, the eyes of the mud… etc. He was totally upset.

And he was saying himself that did I did any distress to a monkey? Or did I kill any monkey when I was small? But I do not remember anything like that. Well… whatever it is….The saint has said. So, there will be an importance in this. Nevertheless,, for sure, I don’t want to think about the monkey.

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 It was Night.

 He finished all his work and ready to sleep. Nonetheless, he is not feeling sleepy. As monkey thoughts come to him constantly. Suddenly he saw a monkey climbing in the window and jumping on him, then he realized that it was in his imagination. He is constantly hearing the monkeys chattering voice and he has gone nut and lost his peace of mind and not able to sleep. He didn’t have a monkey in reality, but everything happened. The Monkey thought has taken him mad. Then later, he recalled the monk’s word and waiting, for sunrise.

In the morning, he rushed to the monk and told his worst experience and he surrendered to him and told him to forgive his distress on the monkey if any.

He added, that he does not want to become the boss. Have no expectation or desires. Please protect me just from those voices. I am sure I did some sin to the monkey, repeated monkey thoughts stimulating me to commit suicide. Save me, Guru, Please.

 The Zen has laughed at him and He said, in peace that you have no sin in the truth and you have not any connection with the monkeys.

 Then why those thought and chatter voice almost killed me?

 After a few minutes, the guru began to comment on him.

 You are the ruler of your thoughts. You determine them. No one can alter or control your thought from outside.

 Just learn to think about what you want or wish.

 I told you not to think about monkey from that moment you started thinking only about the monkey and went deep into that. So, don’t think about something which is not beneficial to you. Believe that everything will go well. Afore starting any business or good things. Don’t get confused which leads you to tons of harmful thoughts. Instead grow positive thoughts which give you a pleasant mood and innovative ideas.

This teaching of Zen Guru is not only for him but also for all of us.

If you wish to develop constructive thoughts, consider only about it. Believe everything happens for good. Have a great day.


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