The King And His Three Ministers – Inspirational Story

Once there lived a king. He appointed three Ministers and gave them the authority and power to take care of the welfare of the people. One day the king came to hear that the three ministers were misusing the money allocated for the welfare of the people. He called the ministers for an inquiry. Three ministers denied the charges and allegations.

The ministers have done the corruption cleverly, so it was difficult to find. Thus, the king arose out of the view that the problems are in the rules made by him or the ministers. As the king had no idea, he sent the ministers back.

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After two days, the ministers were called upon.

Then the King told to those ministers that “I am going to present you a training for people’s welfare. Each of you will be given a sack, you should go to the forest at the boundary of the country and collect any eatables like fruit, yams etc. that should be enough for 2 weeks. Sack brought by you will not be checked by us and it will be sent to a needy person.

The King And His Three Ministers – Inspirational Story

Then the ministers were directed to the various forest. They were also told that they are supposed to go by walk to collect the fruit, yams etc. until they complete the task they have to fulfill their hunger by eating the fruit of the forest.

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After that day, three ministers were sent to a different forest.

In the forest, there is plenty of fruit, sweet potatoes, yams etc. But, they had to trek and collect them, till that they have to eat fruit in the forest to fulfill their hunger. These three officers are lived in the houses like a palace. So, they felt hard at that job.

The first Minister collected good and quality fruit. He felt hard to do this job, but he thought that these fruits will fulfill and satisfy the needy person, so he is happy to do it and He took three days to fill the sacks. Nevertheless, they are good quality things inside.

Second Minister used the little shortcut. The King stated that no one will test the bag. Though if they check they will check only on top. So, he kept good quality on top and 80% rotten fruit at the bottom. So, he completed his work for one day.

The third Minister doesn’t want to do even that work. He thought that no one is going to check the bag. Thus, he filled the bag with dried leaves and weeds. He completed his work swiftly and went to his place and slept in his house.

The King called three Ministers. Then he ordered his forces to put these three ministers in separate-underground jail for two weeks and give the bag (which they collected in the forest) to them and do not provide any other extra-food for 2 weeks.

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The fruit they have collected are food for them for that 2 weeks.

The third officer could not survive with the dried leaves and weeds. So, he starved and died in five days.

The Second officer ate that rotten fruits for 2 weeks and survived, but he becomes sick. The king removed him from Job.

The first officer ate that quality food and spent two weeks in the solitary jail and came out with more clarity.

The King gave him many gifts and promoted him with high salaries.

Moral of the story:

God will not watch you all the time. He gave you full freedom to do what you want. But in the future, you have to face the consequences of your actions.

There is not any law for the human being; he has the conventions of God. It has no exception.

You reap, what you sow.

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