Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts, nothing limits you except your fear, and nothing controls you except your beliefs”. – Marriane Williamson

Your attitudes, feelings and life experience reflect your beliefs. How you express yourself follows your beliefs. If a man beliefs system is rigid, he will not allow new ideas to enter into his thinking. If you change your beliefs, you can

change your attitude, feeling and experience.


how your beliefs become your thoughtsMahatma Gandhi says, “Your beliefs become your thoughts.  Your thoughts become your words.  Your words become your actions.  Your actions become your habits.  Your habits become your values.  Your values become your destiny.”

Means (in short), your beliefs will create your destiny.

What do you believe?

What do you believe about yourself, your potential and your future?

What you believe, you will surely become.

The thoughts and activities we do regularly through time decides our destiny. So if you have negative thoughts stop it immediately and start thinking positively (no one likes to stay with person having negative thoughts). Of course it takes some time to change your thoughts from negative to positive, no worries you can do it. In simple, each words comes out of your mouth comes from your thought – whether knowingly or unknowingly. You might have experienced of blurting something out and also of thinking you said something that you didn’t. If you think happy thoughts, you will talk happy. If you think ugly thoughts, your words will be ugly.

So, start thinking positively and fill your thoughts with positive and take positive action toward your goal, your destiny will be uplifting and joyful. People love to stay with you because of your positive thought and belief.

Therefore, by holding positive thoughts, consistently taking positive action, you can create a character intended for uplift.

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