How A Thought And Faith Creates A Great Personality

It is obvious that each of our thoughts is not turned into physical reality our conscious minds are capable of entertaining a hundred thoughts a second. If the subconscious mind were to create into physical reality each of the billions of thoughts entertained by humanity each second of every day, this would be a very chaotic world indeed. It is apparent that there is a selectivity exercised in choosing which of the thoughts of the conscious mind are to be accepted by the subconscious mind, and it is equally apparent that such selectivity is not exercised by the subconscious but by the conscious mind instead.

Importance of thought and faith

Conscious and subconscious

When the conscious mind is asleep, the subconscious seizes every suggestion offered and immediately attempts to turn this suggestion into truth. Obviously, the subconscious simply accepts any suggestion or any premises given to it, and the only reason that all of our thoughts are not turned into physical reality is that they are not given to the subconscious.

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We are now able to see why it is that faith is such an important tool in the moulding and determining of our lives. Faith is simply that factor which gives the impetus of conviction to a thought and thus impresses the thought upon the subconscious mind as premise or conclusion which must be manifested in the physical world.

Thus, anything you are convinced of must become real in your life, for thought plus faith creates.

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Faith Is Affirmation

As has been pointed out before, if some wise and omnipotent being were to live our lives for us, there would be no necessity for faith. This being could simply direct to the subconscious all those premises for good which would make our lives full and happy and they would shortly come to pass. But the whole purpose of our lives is for us to provide the subconscious with conclusions, premises, and knowledge of what we encounter in our specific areas; and what we forward as convictions, the subconscious returns to us in physical reality.

  • If the subconscious mind receives your conviction that you have money, you will have money.
  • If it receives your conviction that you have health, you will have health.
  • If it receives your conviction that you have love, you will have love.
  • If it receives your conviction that you are successful, you will be successful.
  • If it receives your conviction that you are wise, you will have wisdom.

What the premise, the subconscious mind will create it into physical reality. See how simple such a premise may be: “I have money,” only that, and money is manifested. Why is it that we have such difficulty in doing this simple thing? It is because the things we want is expressed as hope, and in a million different ways throughout the day we affirm our faith in the very opposite. Always remember: the subconscious mind is always creating in our experience exactly what we believe in.

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