Best Food Items To Boost Your Immune System

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”

Winter is here and thus being the cold and flu season. And since prevention is better than cure. It is healthier to dodge falling sick in this weather than to take medicine later on. 

These following foods will help you in building immunity.


Foods to boost your immune system

Best Food Items To Boost Your Immune System

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is absolutely healthier and great drink during the winter. The quality of anti-inflammatory present in the ginger helps in making your immunity in contradiction of many virus.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a very healthier and complete food for decades and it is quite easy to cook.


Turmeric / haldi has an anti-inflammatory substance in it called curcumin, this curcurmin helps to build t-cells in your body which is very important for building your overall health.



Orange is citric fruit. Orange has vitamin c and very essential for human body. It supports the immune system in combat the cold generating viruses.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains a lot of probiotic that our body cannot produce naturally. People who is taking this greek yogurt everyday will have less chance of getting cold.


Water is a kind of health drink forever but many failed to recognize the truth though they know fact. By drinking lot of water, you can stay hydrated which has uncountable health benefits. It keeps your skin healthy whereas removing all the waste from the body.


 Blueberries has very vital quality in it called antioxidants. Blueberries also have flavonoids, this will help you in reducing your weight.


Salmon has a lot of zinc in it, which helps to avoid the risk of cold and flu. The symptom can be highly reduced by eating wild salmon.



Tomato is a vitamin c rich food. Ofcourse deficiency in the vitamin can lead to a weak immune system which will give way to lot of diseases. So consume tomato and stay away from weak immune system.


Ofcourse no one like broccoli and many hates it from the childhood. But the fact is, it is really very healthy food naturally available for us. By consuming it every day you can block your body from falling sick.

Green tea

It is well known truth that green tea is absolutely good for our health, helps in reducing our weight and also help to fight against cold. 


Spinach is also a high vitamin rich food which is essential for our body. Spincach also has a enough fiber which helps in digestion.


Eggs has a lot of proteins, vitamin D and healthy fats. Egg helps to avoid cold and flu or any other respirational area infection.


Ginger is highly recommended item to the people all the time. The best method to impart your tea with garlic which makes a great afternoon drink.


A well-known proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Apple boost our immunity and supports our body whilst dropping the risk of chronic diseases.


Honey is a best cure therapy for sore throats and itchy throats which actually comes during cold. But it’s better to confirm that it is a natural honey and does not have any preservatives in it.


Mushrooms is a very healthy food and research has proven that those who take mushroom at least 4 times a week will never fall sick. Shiitake mushrooms also have ani-inflammatory qualities in them.


Fennel also a best recommended food to avoid cold and good food for winter season. It also has other benefits like helps people suffering from diarrhea, conjunctivitis, stomachs and fevers.


It will be great addition to your meals or tea, it has rich antioxidants which is vital for our body also helps the digestive system.

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