How To Setup Own Meditation Room In Your Home

Meditation is a great thing to enhance peace, positivity etc. in your life and everyone should do to have a peaceful life. If you are bust don’t have time to stopover the meditation centre, then you create one meditation room for yourself in your home.

Here are some ideas to setup your own meditation room.

How To Setup Own Meditation Room In Your Home

Small place with nature

Just small space is more than enough to make meditation room. All you need is natural sunlight 0f the Sun, fresh oxygen plants, a green wall stick a green wall paper as green wall will give a good mood and makes us feel pleasantly amazing. 

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Wall decor

Display the reflection of yourself and recap yourself of the zen / person you want to find! A humble and attractive vinyl wall could be the perfect add-on to the meditation room.

Small space / hide out

If you dont have place to create a separate meditation room for yourself, then go and spot a small space to create your own meditation space to stay alone and find inner peace. Now decorate it with the things that gives you peace of mind.


scent candle for meditation room

Set up your space with statues, candles and fragrances of burning incense. Customize your space with the Good smells, stones and crystals that reverberate best with you.

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Reminding words

It is better to have quotes or reminders that never hurts instead motivates. Remembering to breathe thru meditation is very important but also quite easy to forget.

Candles and crystals

There are little objects that will make you feel peaceful, warm and at ease are always pleasant to have around you during meditation. Crystals, candles and beautiful feathers are some examples (you can choose as per your wish).

Small fountain

Of course, a small artificial fountain will make your room fresh and happening, so it is a best choice for your meditation room.

Twinkle lights

Place some twinkling lights as they will make you feel like you are floating in the clouds.

Bright colours

Calming pictures, bold patterns and a healing power of bright colours are really good choice to make your meditation vibrant and fun. So that you will to spend most of your time there.


You can also enhance your wall with tapestries. Symbols, peaceful pictures and mandalas will bring an additional special touch to your space.

With a Great view

The cool and peace of the outdoors and feeling of nature light on skin is one method to help you relax. A room with a good view.

Inside outside

Bring the peace of the out-of-doors to the inside to discover your real inner peace. Plants, rocks, and mood set by aromas and candles.


Hope this article helped you. A little time you are spending today will give you a good peace and more life to you.

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