Sep 29

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Think Like A Warrior: Face The Challenges Bravely

Face challenges bravely – One should not be gripped by the fear of failure or pressure and having in us the energy that can be pressure and having in us the energy that can be effectively used to face the various challenges that come on our way to achieve our cherished goal .

MS Dhoni says, ‘I never allow myself to be pressured.”

Think Like A Warrior: Face The Challenges Bravely

Face challenges bravely

Typically working for a great objective is often compared with fighting a war. The various methods used by different competitors at the market place are often referred to as ‘war strategies’. Even a person pursuing his specific cherished goal is compare with fighting the battle of life. Fighting a war presupposes not running way from the battlefield while facing tough situations. A soldier is obliged to fight in war. To force this attitude on warriors, a punishment of imprisonment is imposed on those who run away from the scene of battle-field. Hence the soldiers fight with bravery in war, and marching on facing hurdles. They even prefer to die in the battle field rather than running away from the war and face humiliation later on. Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to fight in the Mahabharata war and even suggested him to die in the process rather than retreat fearing defeat.


In the good olden days, when certain emperors were faced with the prospect of their small group of warriors facing larger groups of warriors of a big country, they burnt the boats that carried their soldiers to the other shore where they have to fight. Hence the soldiers were left with no option (i.e. either they should win or they should die in the war.) there was no third option for them.

 Alexander the great (356 – 323BC) was well known for this ‘do-or-die-spirit’ and his army was also well-trained by him on this. In the battle fought to capture Persia, the army of alexander was small in numbers compared to that of king darius-II. Though the troops of darius were large in numbers, they always took a defensive stand and waited for the attack by the enemy so that they could retaliate. But Alexander’s troops were trained in the attack mode. While Alexander lost only 100 of his soldiers in the battle, he defeated the 40,000 strong Persian enemy on the banks of Granicus river.


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