May 14

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Appraise Your Present Attitudes.

This will take some time. If possible, try to separate yourself from your attitudes. The goal of this exercise is not to see the “bad you” but a “bad attitude” that keeps you from being a more fulfilled person. The evaluation helps you make key changes only when you identify the problem.

When he sees a long jam, the professional logger climbs a tall tree and locates a key log, has that log blown up and lets the stream do the rest. An amateur would start at the edge of the jam and move all the logs, eventually moving the key log. Obviously, both methods will get the logs moving, but the professional does his work more quickly and effectively.

Results are the only real reason for activity. The following evaluation process is developed to help you search for the right answers in the most efficient way.

Stages of evaluation

Identify problem feelings – What attitude makes you feel the most negative about your-self? Usually feelings can be sensed before the problem is clarified. Write them down.

Identify Problem behaviour – What attitudes cause you the most problems when dealing with others? Write them down.

Identify problem thinking – We are the sum of our thoughts. “As a man thinks within himself, so he is.” What thoughts consistently control your mind? Although this is the beginning step in correcting attitude problems, these are not as easy to identify as the first two.

Clarify thinking – What do the scriptures teach about you as a person and about your attitudes? Later in this section I will share a scriptures view of right attitudes.

Secure Commitment – “What must I do to change?” now becomes “I must change.” Remember, the choice to change is the one decision that must be made, and only you can make it.

Plan and carry out your choice – This is the process that section IV helps you accomplish.

Plan: This evaluation will take time. If you have an encouraging friend who knows you well, perhaps you should enlist his or her help.

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