Apr 14

24 Law Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

The word “Karma” is derived from Sanskrit. Everyone know about the Newton’s law of motion, “for every action there an equal but opposite reaction”. When you show a negative power in word, thought, or action, the same negative power will come back to you. Reading law of karma is very important as it changes you …

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Mar 29

8 Simple Ways To Stop Yourself From Overthinking

“Thinking is good. Over-thinking can end things before they ever get the chance to develop” Overthinking is not bad if you think on good surface like related to business productive, planning on innovations etc., right? But sometimes overthinking cause harms too. When you do overthinking, your stress goes up and your decisions get unclear and …

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Mar 19

Best Quotes To Recall When You Are Overthinking

Earlier events merely disturb you when you remain to think about them. It is over thinking which gives power to them. By continuously rerunning the incidents, agonising about them and trying to find them out, you are disconnecting yourselves from living in the present and instead pick to revive the older. 

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Mar 09

The Virtue Of Giving – A little Grain Of Gold

One day a beggar was begging for alms from door to door. At that time he saw a golden chariot coming towards him.

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Mar 06

25 Great Thoughts By Chanakya

Chanakya was a professor at the primal university of Takshashila. He lived in about 320 BC and enhanced broadly recognized as a philosopher, economist and royal adviser in the primal Indian culture. 

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Mar 03

How to Overcome Your Self-doubt and Make Profitable Business

It is said, ‘you don’t realize how much your hair weighs until you shave it off. And you don’t realize how much your weigh until you release them.’ Infact, self-doubt is a mischief monger we all want to keep away from, but end up crossing paths, all the time. It is mind play of weakening …

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Mar 03

Best Quotes To Start Your Day With Positive Inspiration

Positive inspiration – The mode you begin your morning can affect your entire day. Every individual need motivation to keep moving forward. As many of them facing hard times, difficulties and challenges in their job and life. These problems may break your attitude and bring you low and makes you feel uninspired. But if you …

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