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24 Law Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

The word “Karma” is derived from Sanskrit. Everyone know about the Newton’s law of motion, “for every action there an equal but opposite reaction”. When you show a negative power in word, thought, or action, the same negative power will come back to you. Reading law of karma is very important as it changes you …

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APJ Abdul Kalam – Important and Realistic quotes for your life.

APJ Abdul Kalam, the president, the scientist, an aerospace Engineer – Prevalently called the Missile Man of India . He is the winner of Bharat Ratna – India’s premier civilian honor – for his interaction with student community. His actual life ambition is to become a pilot. “This is my belief: that through difficulties and problems …

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Quotes About Reading For Life

The greatest gratification arises from what we read, not from on what we read. Just read the following quotes which carry a lot of motivating stuff, understanding, clever, etc. if you are a reader who is questing for stimulation then these are some best quotes to stick on your walls. Quotes about reading for life Don’t say you don’t …

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