Realistic Quotes By Vidura That Will Make You Think

Vidura was upraised and cultivated by Bhishma alongside with his half-brothers. He was well-known for talking the truth, for his intellect and deepness of knowledge. Vidura served his brother as a minister. He was a well-wisher of the Pandavas and an inordinate devotee of Lord Krishna.  In spite of existence a royal minister he lived a simple life.


Following are some best and realistic quotes By Vidura.

Realistic Quotes By Vidura That Will Make Yoxu Think

  • Positive thinking is an asset that makes a genius. A genius can never be harmed by anybody. No incantation or spell works against him nor does any poisonous medicines or black magic work against him.
  • Whatever beneficial works a person intensely applies the mind to, those works will surely yield positive results, without a doubt. – vidura
  • You should seek to know yourself by means of deep reflection, work on controlling your mind, intellect and senses, for your mind is your own friend and your own enemy. 
  • The gods themselves desires the company of one who, brutally abused, returns not the abuse nor takes any vengeance through others, or who being smacked doesn’t return the blow nor causes others to do it, and who desires not the smallest injury to the aggressor.  
  • The gods do not protect people, by taking up clubs in their hands after the manner of herdsmen; unto those, however, whom they wish to protect, they grant intelligence [to make the right decisions]. 
  • Seeing faults in good qualities is like death itself, and speaking negatively of others destroys prosperity. Carelessness in waiting upon the preceptor, hurriedness (lack of attention to detail), and self-praise, are the three enemies of knowledge. 
  • One’s body is a chariot, the Self within is the driver and the senses are its 5 horses. If those excellent horses are well-trained, then the journey of life is pleasant and peaceful. 
  • The scholarly have stated that the elite, although powerful, should never consult with these four, viz., those with limited understanding of the subject, procrastinators, the indolent and sycophants. 
  • Poison kills but one person, and a weapon also kills but one; wicked advice, however, can destroy an entire kingdom with king and subjects. So, don’t listen to the advice of the wicked person.
  • Those who have innate jealousy, frequently exhibits self-pity, lack in contentment with all their possessions, become victims of uncontrollable anger, suspect everything and everybody and constantly depends on others, always remain in grief.

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