Why You Must Do The Difficult Tasks First?

Do toughest tasks first – Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, me and you all have an equal number of hours in a day, it maybe makes sense for all of us to figure out how to administer time well! Time management is not astonishingly, great on everybody’s list of things to get better at.

One of the best habit that is frequently mentioned and something that I have found that it is really useful – is making a to-do list. It is a practice that has worked for me. I make a list of things to do, then go about striking them off as I accomplish them.

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Why You Must Do The Difficult Task First?

There is an old saying that “if you woke up each morning and ate a live frog, you might possibly use the rest of the day contented in the knowledge that nothing worse could happen.” Think about that.

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 Now just assume that frog as your significant or big tasks, your first primacy, the one most likely to make the greatest impact. As it is a tough task, we keep pushing it away, often, the most important task is also the hardest. It pays to get over it first! Eat that frog, be prepared with it and the rest seems so cool then.

It stands to cause that if have to eat that frog, it won’t help to keep it in front of you and stare at it all day long.

However, that exactly what we tend to do. We keep that one big task, that big impact tough call, hanging over our heads, which only raises our stress levels. But, nothing changes. So, finish your vital and difficult task first.

If you have two essential tasks, then finish the bigger one first and remaining looks easy for us.

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Talking about the biggest tasks, procrastinating, worrying, continually staring at them – all these won’t help. Finishing the bigger and tougher task first will not only help us manage our time but also our life.

Take the first step, find your frog (big or toughest task) Your number one priority. Once you have done that, go ahead-eat that frog means finish that job first. And feel the satisfaction after completing that big task.

So, which tasks we need to do first? Toughest one or easiest one?

It’s all depends upon the mood, if the mood is good to take the toughest task first. If you are not in good mood, go for the easiest task, after striking the completed task in to-do-list you will get a satisfaction and your mood also becomes good.

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