Why Morning Routines Are Important

Mourning routines are very important as the secret of your future is hidden in your morning routines. So build your ultimate morning routines first.

As writing down your vision alone won’t do much to change your long-term motivation. In order to fully benefit from this practice, you need to establish morning routines to prepare you for the day ahead and remind of your big goal.

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In this interview with Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins explains how he primes himself for the day ahead and is ready to work on his goals even after two hours of sleep. After meditative practice, toughening up (cold exposure), and expressing gratitude, he spends the next ten minutes thinking about his vision.

It is a habit he has been practicing for several decades. Looking at his accomplishments, I had to say its working exquisitely well for him.

Why Morning Routines Are Important

While you don’t necessarily have to follow the exact same morning routine as tony, thinking about your vision is a practice you shouldn’t skip.

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However, there is an important caveat – don’t let the false sense of achievement comes from envisioning your goal make you lazy. Studies show it is the visualization of the process that’s more important than thinking about the event itself. For the best results, your vision should include the actions you need to take to achieve it and then the event to which it will lead.

I personally start each day by expressing gratitude.

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I think about three things I’m grateful for), meditation to clear my mind and start the day slowly, and foam rolling (a form of stretching to relax the muscle). When I am in this more awake and relaxed state of mind, I re-read my vision and other documents describing my goals, helping me prepare for the day ahead.

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