Ways To Relieve Stress


When you are an anvil, hold you still;

When you are a hammer, strike your till. – John Florio

As john Florio said, life is a great balance between the anvil and hammer. It may sound strange. All of us suffer the perpetual struggle between success and failure, between hope and despair, between joy and sorrow. We all have our petrifying feelings of loneliness and depression, but that can be ride out at any hour, at any moment. Creative living teaches us that under these circumstances we strengthen ourselves against the shock. These are our anvil moments. Ok. Then what about hammer moments?

We all have hammer moments too. When we work with full hope and faith with in us, there comes a knot when we can perform, when we can reach our ambitions and bestow to life, when we can prove by our deed that we are eager to put our reliability for less fortunate. We can use our confidence and creativity to find success and share it with others.

We can live in sunny present instead of the foggy past.

We all are the mystical hammer. Remember, good deeds, seemingly difficult, succeed has dawn proceeds from darkest night. Despair not. Gloomy

The first is to ameliorate the situation. Circuit may try and defeat. Fail not in the will-to-win. Resolution with determination, we will be able to hit hard to the right place. We strive for our goal and we can be that the right capabilities to forge a self, as we are, always remember to share this bigness of self with other people.

Hope this article will be helpful for you to relieve stress. If you have any other way to relieve stress mention it below in the comment box. Thanks for standing by.

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