Three Steps For A Better Mind

Our thoughts are the seeds of our activity and output of our mind. It means that a healthy mind generates great thoughts. The mind has to be energetic and capable of intelligent thinking. How to avoid weakness of the mind and add energy to it is the question. There are three steps that can be followed for a better mind – clear mind, watch the mind and tame the mind. 

important ways to keep your mind better

3 Steps For Better Mind

Clearing the mind

  • It is better to keep the mind free from all junk, i.e., unnecessary and unproductive thoughts.
  • Keep free from fear and egotism.
  • Don’t worry about the past. Your future depends on today’s output.
  • Yoga and meditation are the best methods for clearing the mind.
  • Do your best, but don’t be in a hurry for results.
  • Don’t have a negative attitude.

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Watching the mind

  • The mind is like a beautiful garden, keep it free from weeds.
  • The mind is a limitless resource, the more you use it the better it becomes.
  • If you neglect your mind the word ‘leisure’ is meaningless, it is a work horse.
  • An average man uses only 5% of his mind’s power. The mind has tremendous potential, provided one knows how to tap it.

Taming the mind

  • The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. It forgets what you want to remember and remembers what you want to forget. Training the mind is a must.  It receives negative thoughts more easily. Train it to avoid this.
  • Fatigue, fear, ego, laziness, forgetfulness are close friends of the mind. Don’t allow them to take over.

Remember it is very important to keep your mind in better condition. There was an excellent quote, “start doing what is essential, then add what is possible and one day you will discover that you have made the impossible, possible’.”

As mentioned that one must do his best and be in hurry to see the results. I will give you an example. In my apartment I know a working couple and I meet them at the elevator every day in the morning. The husband press the lift call button and waits impatiently for the elevator, looking up and down and pressing the button again and again but his wife waits patiently and pleasant expression on her face. The man’s impatience is such a waste of his energy, for it does not make the lift come faster, in any way. It’s very sure that he will get tired even before reaching the office!

Like the elevator, the result of everything you do may take its necessary time. Thus wait for the result of everything you do may take its requisite time.

So it’s important to wait for the result with a pleasant and persistent mind.


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