Small Act Leads To Big Victories

The best moment in life are created by the simplest actions. The greatest tasks are sparkled by the smallest act. Landing on the moon was a great task, but it started as an invisible spark in the mind of a scientist.

The scientist has accomplished a great task by executing small acts such as planning properly. He must have worked determinedly step-by-step to achieve that success. So, remember that, ‘there are no big things to be done; there are only small things to be done with love.

small acts leads to big victory

“If you think positive, you will feel energetic and will be able to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself”.

Even if a person lacks formal education, he can come up in life by strengthening his inner qualities and adopting a positive attitude. But if he lack these qualities, even the best education will not lead him to a successful life. However, if a man has the right combination of a good education and positive inner growth, success in if is assured.


It is indeed possible even for a young child to achieve what he wants if he trusts himself.

If you trust yourself your inner strength grows. The inner energy is the same for one and all – they may be children or adults, male or female.


“Start doing what is essential, then add what is possible and one day you will discover that you have made the impossible, possible”

It is simple yet powerful attitude to be adopted for success. Many people do what is essential and they stop there, thinking their work is done. But a few people don’t stop at just finishing their ‘essential work’, they go beyond this and keep on adding something to their bank balance of knowledge and wisdom. Making deposits in this bank is a continuous process, and the perfection of body, mind and character will be attained bit by bit. This process enable you to reach your life’s goals

“success is not something that happens by chance. It is a step-by-step achievement, hastened by hardwork.

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