Change Your Life To Better By Changing The Attitudes Of Mind

Attitudes the basis and foundation of the ladder of success. According to William James, “The greatest discovery of our generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind!” today, attitudes determine success most of the time. Who you are and where you are today are results of your attitude.

Positive attitude builds a good self image

A positive attitude builds a good self image which results in a sound personality.

A person with a good personality is an embodiment of success. Therefore, your attitude towards yourself how you think about yourself is very important. Who you are and how you think can be read in your face.

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When you look in a mirror, if you see a sour expression, you are seeing the outward expression of your attitude. A friend of mine knows what is going on within me just by looking at my face. Even if I were to try to avoid looking at her, I would betray the fact that I am trying to hide one unpleasant feeling from her.

There is an interesting story about the American president, Abraham Lincoln. An adviser to Lincoln suggested a certain person for a cabinet spot, but Lincoln hesitated at the proposal he said, “I don’t like the man’ face.” The adviser said, “sir, he can’t be held liable for his face.” To which Lincoln gave a reply that, “ every man above forty is responsible for his face.

Positive attitude

Success doesn’t come knocking at the door of the one who feels that he is good for nothing. Let a positive attitude mark your life because it is attitude that makes all the difference in terms of achieving success in life. To convince you further, here is a formula that I am sure will help you just as it has helped me.

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Remember it is an attitude that makes all differences in achieving success in life, every problem has a solution, only if we change our ‘attitude’.

So always maintain a winning attitude, and you can never lose.

Trust in god

Trust in god. Never think that god delay or god denial. God always gives his best to those who leave the choice with him.

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