Anger is an enemy to person (and sometimes friend too). Being a human its nature getting anger but it’s an art to learn how to tackle it. When anger rise, one’s mind will totally block, his anger mind never gives place to think which is right? And which is wrong? He will think only about the matter which made him anger.  He thinks, what he did is right. At this situation controlling one’s mind is difficult but once you learn the technique it’s easy to tackle.

Anger, it can also be a feeling that gets out of our control, leading to tension, pain, unhealthiness and unhappiness.

Uncontrolled anger can seriously harm One’s personal and professional life, because it can become very destructive – to oneself and the people around you.

I heard that counting 1 to 10 will control the anger, it is an old idea but golden idea. But it won’t work everywhere and with everyone. Counting 1 – 10 is very easy and after counting I saw many of them still in the same anger mood. Instead of that get out of that place or if your heart is strong stay in the same place and do what you like too much,  just forget the thing which made you anger.

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The very important thing to note while one in anger mood is words. The words from the anger person will be like a volcano eruption. He never knows what he talks. Once you lose the words you will never get it back. I saw many family separated because of the words they spoke in anger. But later, anger person felt sorry for the words he spoke, but… what is the use.

Just think did anger give you any good result. Because of anger one may lose their family, relatives best friends, colleagues, and business opportunities etc. Just hold your anger for a while and see the result.

The two best times to keep your mouth shut are when you are in swimming and when you are angry.

Yoga is best solution to control anger. It really works well. Every day, yoga in the morning and night, keeps us healthy and wise.

Humor is a good medicine. Don’t take anything serious, learn to laugh at yourself, read comic books which helps to divert one’s mind from the anger mood.

One more solution to control your anger is, better read the anger quotes mentioned below.  When one is in angry mind, as I told before, in anger mind one cannot think the result of anger. So by reading the quotes one can control themselves.

If you learn to calm down you will understand that there is nothing to get tense.

Remember, Anger is a great force for both good and bad. If you use it carelessly, it can endanger your relationships, your work and your health.

Sometimes anger can be good thing also, it can give you a way to express negative feelings or motivate you to find a solution to problems.

 You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.

Happy life welcomes you if you keep your face always smiling.


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