A Letter Took 116 Years to Reach Addressee

Sake Rabhai is man belong to China Deepakarp. He took 116 year to handle out the letter to the addressee. But that letter helped at the right time.

In the year 1915, the First World War was going on, at that time one of the British gang camped on China’s desert. Food varieties and water with them will extend only for another 2 days. At that time, German’s approached them closer and Arabians problems was also there. In that tight situation, the gang leader kessal was stunned and confused he doesn’t know what to do further.

A letter took 116 years to reach addressee

At that time sake, rabhai came to meet him. Sake Rabhai  asked, “ Are you a captain Kessal?  I brought an important letter for you he said and gave a yellowish letter to captain Kessal.

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The letter was written in a French language. Captain know the french language . Before reading that letter. Captain Kesal asked him “Who gave you this letter?”

Sake rabhai said, Napoleon gave me this letter. He said don’t give this letter to anybody except captain kessal. After waiting so many years finally I found you now. And I don’t know how many years elapsed.

Captain Kessal suspected him and he don’t want to believe him because Napoleon came to this place before 116 years; Captain studied the letter.

In that letter, – “Dear Kessal! After receiving the order, In the foot of the castle lot of food items, drinking water and weapon were buried, you dig and take whatever you want sufficiently. After taking required items to destroy the excess thing in there. Then you and your force retreat Egyptian border there you will find three ways. In that three ways don’t select the beach side path; It’s better you select the path which takes you to desert. The map attached with this letter indicates water level places- Keep this map safely – Napoleon Bonaparte

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After reading the letter, Captain Kessel went in to the deep thought. He remembered that his Great-grand father who worked in Napoleon Force. Then he concluded that this letter might be written to him.

Immediately captain Kessel ordered to dig the foot of the castle, battalions did as Kessel said. They found all the required things food varieties, drinking water, weapons everything. Before the British capture the castle, Germans buried those items a few months back for future use.

Captain Kessel took the required things from the castle. As per the route mentioned in map kessel and their battalions started moving. As per mentioned in the map water was found in those places.

When Sake Rabhai was 25 years old Napoleon gave this letter to him. Sake came to the castle to handle out the letter to Kessel but Sake did not found anyone in the castle. So he kept that letter very safely for a long time, at the age of 141 he handle outed the letter to the great-grand son of Kessel. Sake Rabhai was done his duty promptly.

After 116 years this letter helped to save the life of British battalions.

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