Apr 14

IBall – Glam 3 and Aaura 3 Phones

IT Peripheral manufacture iBall and Indian mobile equipment has announced two phones Aaura 3 and Glam 3 with new features for the Indian Market. Glam 3 IBall Glam 3 is clamshell phone that features a 2.6 inch TFT LCD display with an alpha numeric keypad where users will feel easy to make text. It also …

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Apr 11

New Look To Google Plus

Google made an announcement on Wednesday it is progressing out an important redesign for its Google+ social networking platform. It will allow users to build more customized experience on the site. The firm said that in the next few days it will introduce a variety of new features to the site, from modifying apps and …

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Apr 09

Water Proof Case For Your iphone

  Hope you can take pictures and videos with your iPhonewhile submerged 20 feet under the water?   Yes, a new waterproof swimsuit for the iPhone 4 and 4S which keeps the iphone absolutely dry , whether you’re snapping shots of marine life in the ocean or texting during a casual swim in the pool.  Are you …

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Apr 08

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind

You can use your mind and the power of visualization to achieve success and happiness. A promotion, happy marriage, Healthy children. Do you think that these dreams are almost impossible to have? Think again. You can achieve all these and more with mind power. Your mind holds the secret of satisfaction, bliss, happiness and success. A …

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Apr 03

3D Goggles Epson Moverio BT-100

In 2011 Epson announced their plans about launching a pair of Android-powered, multimedia goggles. Here the new sunglass named Epson Moverio BT 100. It just looks like a post-surgery sunglasses, that is a wearable micro-projector. This Epson Moverio BT 100 glasses can project images, movies and websites to each eye, creating the projected image appear …

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Apr 02

Learn to Pronounce Difficult Words

There are many websites to learn clear pronunciation of any words. Its nature, if a person is not able to speak correct pronunciation of certain words or name, he feels embarrassed to ask other. Don’t worry, If you are not able to speak the correct pronunciation of certain name or words, then its better you …

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Mar 28

Amazing View Of Stars From Space Station

Everyone may have an imagination to look at the cool stars by sitting in a space station. NASA astronaut Don Pettit made it come true. NASA astronaut Don Pettit took few beautiful pictures from International Space Station, Alex Rivest a photographer assembled the pictures in a time lapse video, now you can find out how it …

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