Simple Secret – How to Prepare For Your Victory?

Bhagwat Gita says, ”A man‘s own self is his friend. A man’s own self is his foe.

“ Believing that you can achieve your dreams and victory is a part of preparation.

Enemies reside Both internally and externally. You’ve got to keep your eyes watchful, day and night. You’ve got to defend yourself. Every day and every night, you have to observe and examine yourself and you have to work out your strong points and weak points. And your strong points are going to build your life, and your weak points are going to ruin your life. Your good habits and bad habits must be found. Your good habits will enrich your life, and your life will be destroyed by your poor habits.

Prepare Yourself for Victory

Check your attitude

You need to work out the optimistic attitudes and negative attitudes. Your positive attitudes are going to change your life and your negative attitudes are going to make your life worse. Every day, you must check and re-check yourself. Every second, every minute, every day, every week, you have to make yourself ready. Monthly and annually. You’ve got to be mentally and physically trained. 

Your success and loss are all in your hands. You’re responsible for success and failure on your own.

How To Prepare For Your victory

Self training

Your training is the only source of achievement and glory. Without planning, nobody in this whole universe can succeed. The moment you interrupt your planning in your life, the moment the countdown of your failure and the fall starts. And as soon as you begin your training in your life, as soon as the countdown of your success and glory starts. 

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Many successful people experience disappointment and devastation later in their lives. Why?

The only reason for their failure and defeat is that they are stopping their continuous preparations. They forgot that nothing is eternal. There is no lasting success or failure. Through your continuous training, you can only preserve and sustain your popularity and glory. 

Your success still requires constant planning from you. Are you ready to brace yourself for this? Question yourself every time, day after day.

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Prepare yourself

Start preparing yourself before you do something in your life, you’ll have enough time to think; you’ll have enough opportunity to plan; you’ll have enough time to analyze; you’ll have enough time to study yourself; you’ll have enough time to know your potential; you’ll have enough time to make your decisions. You’re never going to witness the demise in life if you train yourself every moment and every day. No one can beat a prepared mind. Your training will take you to the door of your victory.

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