Win The Daily Battle To Achieve Great Success

win daily battle to achieve great success

People who achieve daily success have learned to conquer four common time wasters.

Laziness: Time put to no useful purpose, not even relaxation.

Procrastination: Putting off things that should be done now.

Distraction: Time frittered away on the details of side issues, to the detriment of the main issue.

Impatience: Lack of preparation, thoroughness, or perseverance, usually resulting in time-consuming mistakes.

Exercise For Success:

Think of the quest of your dream as being like a most significant sporty event. Train for it. As you prepare and “exercise,” you will get stronger – mentally, emotionally, and physically. To successfully reach your dream, you need to keep improving. The best way to do that is to…

Keep your physique fit, keep your mind open, keep your heart flexible, and keep your comfort zone growing.

Stephen leacock says, “I am great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

A Thorn In Your Side

As you discover your purpose in life and pursue your dreams, you will inevitably spend more and more of your time doing what you enjoy and do best. That’s good. You can achieve your dreams only if you focus on your priorities.

But success requires something else: discipline, one of the best way I know to improve discipline is to do something you don’t enjoy doing – every day. If you learn to do what you must, you will be able to do what you want.

“Do something you hate every day, just for the practice. – john c. Maxwell.

  • A Success is one who decided to succeed and worked.
  • A failure is one who decided to succeed and wished.
  • A decided failure is one who failed to decide and waited.

Hot Poker Principle:

If you place a poker nearby the heat of a fire, it too becomes hot. To succeed, follow the hot poker principle.

  • Be around great men and women, and learn from their experience.
  • Read great books.
  • Attend great events.
  • Visit great places.

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