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Never Give UP Quotes

Never give up – When you feel like giving up it will be difficult for you to stay firm. You may feel like your realm is putrefying low around you, and you have left with no choice. But remember the cause of your thought is since you neglect about the large picture. So, stop focusing …

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Success Quotes

Success quotes and motivational mottos have a remarkable capability to transformation the method we feel about life. Following success quotes will be really helpful for you to achieve your success. Best Success Quotes While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it. – Unknown Too many people go through life …

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Time Quotes

Value of time quotes

Time is very powerful and strong than everything in this planet. It plays an important role in everyone’s life. If we use our time wisely we will get good prosperity, happiness and joy. There is a proverb called “If we ruin the time, it ruins us and our life”. We must know the value of …

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Quotes for nature

Be a gentle friend to trees and they will give you back beauty, cool and fragrant shade, and many birds singing.. Nothing in nature is 4 itself, Rivers don’t drink their own water, Trees don’t eat their own fruit, Sun doesn’t give heat 4 itself, Flower don’t spread fragrance 4 themselves, Living 4 others is …

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Slam Book Quotes For Friends

SLAM BOOK WORDS Treat your life as a sea, your heart as seashore, and friends like waves. It never matters how many waves are there. What matters is how many waves touched the seashore. Remember me ever forget me never this is my prayer.  Hour to hour Day passes Day to Day Week passes Week …

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