Success Story of Carlos Slim Helu

A Mexican Business magnate Carlos Slim Helu is a top one richest man in the world. His father Julian was a Lebanese migrated to Mexico City where he started a dry goods store and also he capitalized in real estate (commercial) in Mexico City. These initiatives became the source of substantial wealth this made him rich. Julian edifies his son Charlos on work ethics, ideas and business dealings. But his father died when he was just 12 years old, even though Charlos congenital his father’s business talents.

By the age of 12 Slim bought shares in a Mexican Bank and at the age of 17 he for his father’s company and earned 200 pesos a week. Next, he joined National Autonomous University of mexico to study Civil engineer concurrently he began his career as a trader in Mexico. Charlos became a stock broker in his own brokerage firm. Later he perceptively invested in range of businesses like constructions, manufacturing, retail, and restaurants etc. where he started earning very well so he preferred to be a good business man than a stock trader. So he stopped being a stock trader and became a full time business man. In 1966, by the age of 26 he was already worth forty million US dollars.

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In his early career, his foremost concentration is on construction, real estate and mining businesses. His studies of linear programming gave him a tremendous brink in business world in 1960’s. By using his talent in 1981, Carlos decided to buy into the 2nd largest tobacco company in Mexico, cigatam. With the money he made, he was capable to begin buying companies.

In 1982, as the oil price fell down and rate of interest rose worldwide. The Mexican economies started go to downward. At this time, all through the period of recovery to 1985, Slim saw opportunity; he cleverly invested heavily in the Mexican division of American businesses including Reynolds Alumino, General popo, Hersey corporations, Bimex hotels and sanborns, a food retailer, as well as Mexican financial services.

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He started gathering many businesses with welfares in construction, mining, printing, tobacco, food, and retail, he formed a conglomerate. In 1980’s he united all his business welfares by forming Grupo Galas as the parent company of a conglomerate that had welfares in industry, construction, retail, mining, food, and tobacco.

In 1990s the Grupo Carso was drifted as a public company, with share placements at first in Mexico and then later it was worldwide. He performed in concert with France Télécom and Southwestern Bell Corporation in directive to buy landline telephone company Telmex from the Mexican government. He increased his stakes in General Tire and Grupo Aluminio, where he had a widely held interest. In the 1996 Grupo carso split in to three companies, – (1) Carso Global Telecom, (2) Grupo Carso, and (3)  Invercorporacion.

By 2006, Telmex operated 90% of the telephones lines in Mexico, whereas Slims mobile telephone company Telcel operates eighty percentages of entire country’s cellphones.

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Carlos Slim is building Plaza Carso in Mexico City where most of his projects will now share a common headquarters address.

Carlos Slim is No.1 richest man in the world from 2010 to 2012. Carlos Slim was born on 28th January 1940 in Mexico City. His father name Julian Slim Haddad and his mother name Linda Helu. They had six kids carlos slim helu was 5th kid. He married Soumaya Domit Gemayel. In the company name Grupo carso, the Carso dervied from the first 3 letter of Carlos and first two letter of Soumaya is baptized carso.


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