Staying Successful After Achieving A Great Success

“Achieving success is hard; staying successful even harder”

When you achieve something you have wanted to, you feel good within. It is not necessary that anything changes in your life, but that lingering victories feeling makes all the difference in the way you see yourself or your life.

Success will not come and show up as a straight progression on your life graph. It will not even show up at times when you think it will. But it may end up surprising you when least expect it. That is what makes the moment even more magical.

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Staying Successful After Achieving A Great Success


“Becoming successful takes hardworking. staying successful takes planning”

Success is a feeling – adore every small victory

Once you have tasted success-no matter how small-and experience that magical feeling of being successful, you will remain attracted to it all your life. It is that which will compel you to keep striving for more and more. Look at it as a compassionate addiction. The more you feed it, the more you crave it, and the more you work to get it again and again.

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Congratulate yourself

Revisit it, keep coming back to it and savour it with a sense of gratitude. That’s what keep motivated to keep at it. You need to congratulate yourself for reaching where you have or doing what you are. Then treat it as a stepping stone and push yourself harder towards greater heights.

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Have a good physical stamina and mental strength

There is no end to how much and how well you can out-excel your own self each time you step into the arena. But never forget that the final peak is always the toughest to climb because that’s where you need every bit of your physical stamina and mental strength. When it is just those 50 meters between you and the peak and you are beyond the levels of exhaustion that your body can handle, it is thinking of your past successes that gives you that final push and the ultimate drive to conquer the unconquered, and takes you to your victory.

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Have a mindset of winner

The challenges are going to rise, whether you like it or not. As you move up the ladder of life, you are going to come in contact with those who are better than you. Your competition will get tougher as you go from the amateur level of competence to the professional and thereafter onto world-class levels. The handfuls that get to this final stage are competing with the best in the world. Hard work is only one part of the deal. Unless you have the mindset of a winner, you won’t last there for long. And for this, your mind needs to be constantly in that zone of feeling good about yourself and your own accomplishments. You need to constantly feel proud of your efforts and successes and continue to keep improving upon your existing skills.

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