What Should You Never Giveup In Order To Please Someone?

Love and selflessness frequently go hand in hand. When you’re madly in love with a person, you want to provide it your all. To make them happy, you want to go to any lengths. But finding that balance can be challenging.

You see, there is a line which should never be crossed in love. Your essential beliefs and wellbeing shouldn’t have to be put on the line for the benefit of the relationship.

What Should You Never Giveup In Order To Please Someone?

It’s important to take a step back and reflect if you discover that you are making compromises that damage your moral character or ultimately make you miserable.

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To please someone, what should you never giveup? Even if you have love for them.

Healthy partnerships call for care and compromise, but they shouldn’t force you to give up your morality or basic well-being. To maintain a harmonious and respectful relationship, it’s critical to be transparent with people about your priorities and boundaries.

Your individual objectives

Look, every person want to have partners who are supportive. Heck, there have been times when I’ve been so enthused about my partner’s objectives that I almost neglected my own.

Your dreams are important, too, and that is the problem. Just because you’re all together doesn’t mean you should ignore them. No matter how wonderful your relationship is, your objectives should always come first.

Nobody, and not even someone who you love, should interfere with you since you are an adult with what you want and choices.

Keep in mind that a supportive relationship will encourage you, not hinder you. And that also applies to admiring.

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Your uniqueness

Have you ever encountered a pair that seemed to merge into one person the moment they started dating?

They begin to finish each other’s sentences while donning matching clothing, and all of a sudden they cease to be John and Sarah and become “John & Sarah,” a one entity. I will admit that I was a part of such a pair once. I originally believed that combining lives entailed combining identities.

Once I knew it, activities we would do together had replaced my favorite pastimes. I ignored my own social group. And I frequently discovered that I was watering down some aspects of myself to conform to his idea of the “perfect girlfriend”.

Although it appeared to be love, what it actually was entailed  me abandoning myself in the transformation into “us.”

Whenever you find yourself sacrificing the very core of whom you are, that is surrender, not love. You play the major role in your own life movie; you are not a supporting player in someone else’s.

Your principles and outlook

As I indicated in the introduction, falling in love shouldn’t ever mean compromising your moral principles. Instead, it ought to deepen and enliven your existence.

None of the relationships is worth sacrificing those necessities. It could be time to consider why you are with someone if they are pressing you to give up your morals.

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Being firm in your convictions doesn’t imply being rigid or unyielding. It helps you become genuine. And any respectable partner will value that rather than minimize it.

Your honor

You’ve had that experience where you do something and immediately cringe internally, wondering why you let your standards slip.

I’ve experienced a fair amount of stupid things that love may have made us do. Even worse, I previously stuck with someone who repeatedly cheated on me.

I eventually realized it was intolerable to give up my self-respect. Don’t settle for less than you deserve in order to maintain a relationship. You are just too wonderful for that.

Know your worth and avoid choosing a partner who makes you feel inferior. I sincerely hope you never forget it, because if you do, you’ll also be sacrificing the following thing.

Your contentment

Happiness shouldn’t be used as a negotiating tool. Although compromise is inevitable in relationships, it’s a significant warning sign if you discover yourself continuously putting someone else’s happiness before your own.

Spending time with someone who saps your happiness is a waste of your short life. There is no negotiating with regards to your emotional health.

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Your liberty

Have you experienced being in an intimate connection with someone who was very controlling? If so, then trust me when I say that the affection you shared for him wasn’t worth giving up your independence for.

After the initial excitement of being in love had worn off, you realized how much you had been giving in to his demands.

Some people defer to him in all decisions, including where we would have supper, what movie to watch, and where we would travel. To be honest, it hurts for me to say this today. But doesn’t love have a way of obscuring our perception?

So, take a lesson from my mistakes. Don’t let anyone enclose you or restrict your ability to make decisions. Before entering this relationship, you put a lot of effort into creating a life you’re proud of, and you shouldn’t have to give it up.

Your money’s safety

Your freedom is strongly related to this. Although it can be a very difficult topic to discuss in relationships, finances have a significant impact on how a pair of people interact.

No matter how in love you are, resentment may quickly develop if one partner is continuously struggling financially while the other is living it up.

Look, you shouldn’t sacrifice your financial well-being for someone else’s love. You’ve worked hard to establish a secure financial existence, so you shouldn’t take any chances with it.

Remember that a strong relationship is based on fair sharing and respect for each other, especially when it comes to money.

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Here are some reasons why you must never jeopardize your financial stability:

o Long-term stability: One of the main reasons for stress and breakups is financial difficulty. Maintaining your financial security promotes the relationship’s long-term stability as well as your own.

o Self-reliance: Having money provides you the power to make decisions about everything from the minor, such as what to eat, to the major, such as where to live. Maintaining your freedom is made easier by having financial security.

o Preventing resentment: If you constantly foot the bill or shoulder joint expenses, resentment may build. This emotional baggage could end up weighing heavily on your partnership.

o Making future plans without undue stress is possible when you have financial security, whether you’re buying a home, organizing a vacation, or getting ready for retirement.

o Establishing boundaries: When you don’t have to worry about the financial repercussions, it’s simpler to say no whenever you need to.

Take a step back whenever you find yourself spending from your funds or giving up financial ambitions to support your partner’s lifestyle or to maintain harmony. Love shouldn’t drain your bank account; it should improve your life.

Your family and friends

This is something with which I completely agree. I erred by ignoring my family and close friends after I got into a relationship, as I previously stated.

I nearly forgot about the folks who had been my mental support system for years because I was so engrossed in this new love.

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That was a mistake that eventually came back haunting me when I discovered how cut off I had become from my support system.

The truth is, your romantic partner shouldn’t be everything in your life. Although love is a wonderful thing, it shouldn’t take precedence over the other important connections in your life.

A distinct but no less significant form of emotional support is provided by your friends and family.

Furthermore, they are the folks that loved and knew you before your partner entered the picture. They ought to remain in your life rather than be ignored.


Your health is something else you should never give up for anyone. To be honest, putting in excessive effort to please others is not only exhausting but also dangerous.

Nothing is worth sacrificing your health, whether it be your emotional, mental, or physical wellbeing.

Your tranquility

Last but not least, it’s obvious something is wrong with your relationship if it’s keeping your up at night thinking about the what-ifs and anxieties.

I experienced the exact same thing while I was still dating the cheater. After that first encounter, whenever we were separated, I would frequently find myself thinking what he had been up to.

I was always afraid he might hurt me again in the rear of my mind.

There are a lot of different relationship-related circumstances that can leave you feeling worried or tense all the time. For example, a partner who is unfaithful can nevertheless cause as much suffering as one who is careless. This also applies to other kinds of connections, like those with friends or family.

While there will always be highs and lows in any relationship, ultimately it should feel stable. It ought to have a secure atmosphere. If it upsets your state of mind, then? That is undoubtedly not a secure area. Your inner tranquility is invaluable. Don’t give it up for something that constantly gives you anxiety.

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Instead than feeling like a dead end when you’re the only one providing, love should seem like a two-way street. Yes, it will need sacrifices, but you shouldn’t ever be asked to give up your own life for it.

Suffering originates from an atmosphere of respect for one another and comprehension in a healthy partnership. You both voluntarily give up something in order to improve the lives of the other person.

Building a healthy, balanced connection where both parties feel appreciated and cared for is more important than keeping score.

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