Amazing View Of Stars From Space Station

Everyone may have an imagination to look at the cool stars by sitting in a space station. NASA astronaut Don Pettit made it come true.

NASA astronaut Don Pettit took few beautiful pictures from International Space Station, Alex Rivest a photographer assembled the pictures in a time lapse video, now you can find out how it would look like.

At present Don Pettit is at aboard the ISS on a 30 days mission. Don’s idea was to take little lengthy coverage pictures to capture star trails from space.

Don captured some other wonderful natural phenomena like auroras above the earth.

Don wrote in the blog post that “Space Station makes one revolution every 90 minutes (the Moon takes 28 days). As a result, long-exposure pictures taken from the Station show star trails as circular arcs, with the center of rotation being the poles of Space Station,”

Alex stated in that “On a lucky night living in the city, you can maybe see 5 stars if you are lucky, so to be able to get away from light pollution and be reminded of how many stars there are is always a humbling experience,”

Really we don’t have words to say how beautiful was Don’s pictures.

Overall, Don and Alex gave banquet to our sight. We are really lucky to watch it.

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