Tips From Monks To Live Fulfilled Life.

Many people searching for their happiness in the wrong places. Monk mentioned few tips that happiness is not in just having a good home and modern car, getting a fulfilled life is bit more than that.

Monks know what a satisfied life needs, following are tips from monks.

tips from monks

Important tips from monks

Never stop trying:

It is very important to try several times before giving up. It is also vital to try different methods. While trying different tactics, some tactics will work for you to succeed. But remember giving up after trying once will leads to displeasure.

Patience is very important while creating new habit or new habit and “never Stop Trying” attitude.

Battle the enemy within

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

You may think that your boos or senior is your biggest enemy or the tormenter at school, but it’s not true. You are the one that gives power to your dread and insecurities.

Your internal enemy fear and feeling of insecurity is the enemy keeping you away from happiness. First overcome your internal fears. Before accomplishing anything you need to tackle the enemy that empowers you.

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Acquire the art of patience

For few people it is really very hardest thing to achieve patience. Some people will become annoyed and restless quite quickly?

William R. Alger said, after every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer. So, patience is absolutely a virtue. The jiffy you are capable of controlling it, you are on your way to live a more fulfilled life.

All the solutions come from within

Buddhism students are only given a little amount of information from which they should solve big problems. This is part of preparation for facing the world. You need to custom your sixth sense. In core world will open the door, but you have to gait without losing sight or becoming dissatisfied. When the solution is not clear, you must try to master it.

All the solution exists within us; you have to look in the right place and trust ourselves.

Failure equals growth

Making an error or failing on something inclines to make us emphasis on worst. But very few people will understand this lesson.

Remember, always a coin has two sides. Mistakes and failures are learning process. It’s critical for people to take chance in fulfilled life so a person scares to take part in learning process.

It is normal that every person try to find happiness and fulfillment in the outer world, but it doesn’t mean you should negligence inner happiness.

A person who finds peace inside their mind usually will not care much for public opinions or materialistic objects. They live happy and fulfilled life.

Swami Vivekananda says, always with good follows bad alike with growth follows failure.

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