5 Ways To Supercharge Your Motivation

Is there any moment, where you suspected yourself that whether you achieve your goal or not? Are you wondering if it’s worth it?

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To my knowledge, there are many successful entrepreneurs who suspect their moment of self-doubt. But they came out from that. You know how they did it.

They too used few ways to quickly get back to the game. Because they realized that the only thing which stands between them and their goals is their limiting beliefs. They plunged back to the fight by shaking off their self-doubt. So remember if you want to be among the stars, don’t even waste a single minute of your time.

When goals are too big, suspecting yourself is not erroneous but learn how to plunge out immediately. Just smash your self-doubt moment and get back to your mission with renewed motivation.

Put A.P.J.Abdul Kalam on the Job

Just think, who are the genius inspire you? Abdul kalam? Ambhani? Steve Jobs? Bill gates? Save few of their interview podcasts or videos in your phone. Now all you need is just listen to their word for 10 minutes then you will get back in to the game.

Watching Abdul kalams interview or jobs or any other interviews by achievers is every bit of interview as stimulating as a rock concert. These speeches make many of us to put our own ‘indentation in the universe’

Physical Exercise

Our body has an astounding impact on our mood. Doing some physical exercise helps you to give a rush of adrenaline and set your heart racing. This works astonishingly to raise your motivation to fight. Just shoot out the combatant in you and bang with your challenges head on.

Songs to motivate your mood

Just think, do you have any songs which magically boost up your mood? A “powerful song” which shake your body, sound tracks or any motivational songs that inspire you.

X-ray Vision

This works really great. Just have a look around you…. hope you can see a successful business around you? Like mobiles, laptop, a pen, a table, a glass board etc. Right now what you seeing around you is made by different companies which at one point of time really very small! Those companies are now running very successfully and growing further.

And the true is, you will see only the sign of success everywhere around you. Those successful person to started with fewer resources they have and some with less intelligent later become expert in it. Always try to be optimist.

Put your GHADs on paper

Hope you have SMART goals. But tell me one do you have GHADs means (Giant, Hirsute, Daring, Goals).  Always your GHADs should stretch your limits of potential. It is a really long term goal which challenges you to think way outer the ease zone. Write GHADs in big letters and stick or place the sheet where you can see it many times.

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