How To Get Good Luck? 3 Things You Need To Follow

Everybody likes to be a luckiest person but, how to be lucky?

You might have noticed that some person appear to be luckier than others? It’s because they got good breaks. They are at right place at the right time. Would you like to be like them?

These people also have something in common. These people do certain things that others don’t. I you do the same; you will also be a luckiest person.

get good luck

Follow these three ways to get good luck

Three things to get lucky:

  1. Be observant
  2. Try new thing
  3. Meet new people

Now we will see one by one

Be Attentive:

“Those who are silence, self-effacing and attentive becomes the recipients of confidence.”

Lucky people used to be more attentive. They notice things that other people oversee. As a result, they can find chances that escape others attention. In fact the other people will also have the similar experiences, but only these people can identify the opportunity in front of them.

How to be more attentive?

To be more attentive, try to keep an idea journal.  You should make it as habit to write down the ideas you get.  It may seem simple, but it will bring a big change in your life.

If you maintain an idea journal, you will become more attentive.


It’s because, all the time you are observing for something to write in your journal. So you won’t leave an idea go ignored. Obviously, you will record and write in your journal.

I have written many ideas in my journal

Try New things

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. That’s how you learn about the real world.

Trying novel things leads you to new worlds. By trying new things you are providing more doors for opportunities to come to you.

A best way to try novel things is to do side projects. For doing this you no need to quit day job. So, doing side projects permits you to explore something fresh in practical way.

You can’t guess what opportunities you will get from side projects.

(This is my blog I started it as a side project, I started earning more money from this blog just by working from home. So now it became my full job and I left my day job. In my day job I am not able to take care of my kids and their education. Now I am satisfied. Now I am trying to do one more side project.)

Meet new people

“Nothing is more exciting than meeting new people, hearing their stories, and being inspired.”

It is also just like trying new things. Meeting new people may also open doors for opportunities to come to you. While communicating with new people you may get new ideas from them or else some new contacts which will be helpful for you. I met new people in social club and while traveling.

(New people whom I met gave me the idea about blogging. I mention in about page also.)


What do you think? Do you have any idea to get luck? Mention it in comment below.

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