13 Important lessons To Learn About Work

Work, we can’t really evade it. Human progress has been built on work; the laboring of many billions of people all through history has formed the cities, industries, farms, armies and infrastructure which have marked our time on the planet.

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

Imortant lessons about work

1. God created man to work
Work is man’s greatest duty.

2. Man is nothing
He can do nothing.

3. Attain nothing, complete nothing without working
Work is man’s most reliable function.

4. If you are deprived – work
If you are very rich – work.

5. If failure disheartens you – work
If success motivates you – work.

6. You have been loaded with biased responsibilities – work
You have been trusted with worthy responsibilities – work.

7. You have not been paid honestly – work
You have been paid attractively – work.

8. When dreams traumatized – work
When faith weakens – work.

9. When future seems unwelcoming – work
When hopefulness seems lifeless – work.

10. Work is the greatest stress – Buster
Work is the mightiest morale – booster.

11. Work is the best boredom – beater
Work is equally effective diseases – fighter

12. If you neglect your work
You invite worry, fear, doubt and debt.
13. Worry is the greatest solution for all problems.

So, work, work, work
And work sincerely.

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