Right Attitude Towards Your Work

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 Elbert Hubbard says, “Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed – there is so little competition.”

Work is expression; it is mind in action. Work brings man to life, sets him in motion. Nothing happens until people go to work. It’s only work creates the world we live in. The right attitude towards work multiplies achievement.

The art of work involves of what you think about your work, how you feel about it. We appreciate work if we see it as freedom to create, build and help. It is hard to find work you can love, a job to which you can harness your heart. So whatever work comes your way, love it, turning it in to a mission, a task in to career. If you do so with your present work and work so well, it will open to new opportunities.

  • Task done at a high standard pave the way to bigger things. In simple terms, it is glorifying your work, putting a halo around your job. It is like accepting what the poet Henry Van Dyke said: “This is my work, my blessing, not my doom.”
  • Work has healing power. You discover it, particularly when you are lonely. If you are worried or fearful…work! If you are discouraged or defeated… Work! Work is the key to happiness. It is making you work. So put the stamp of your unique personality on the work you do. It is pouring your spirit into your task. It is making your work a reflection of your faith, your integrity, and your ideals.
  • Right attitude to work makes you realize that work, not response is the destiny of man. It is only through work that you can express yourself and make a contribution to human progress. So go to your work as you go to worship, with a prayer of thankfulness and the aspiration to serve.
  • The work to be done, the goal you seek, will be achieved only when you get off the deadly lethargy, and make a start. your ideas and ideals become dynamic when you do something about them, when you express them in everyday action. Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities. Action sculptures your life; action sculptures the world. You practice the art of action when you act to bring the good into visibility. James W. Elliott said it all in nine words ; ‘Work is life and good work is good life”.

Here have a look on this video about Attitude towards work

Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and ‘work-full’ Year.

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