10 Communication Habits That All Successful Leaders Have

Communication habits – In communication it is important to communicate as a leader. The right voice, the right tone and the right body language are as important as the word you speak.

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” ― Stephen R. Covey

Communication skill is more important for leader and having a leader who realizes the principles of great communication can make the variance between a cooperative team and one that goes in rounds.

Once we acquire our communication right, we can build strong teams, be convincing with trades and mostly escalate our business.

Communication Habits That All Successful Leaders Have

10 Communication Habits That All Successful Leaders Have

Modify your communication.

In communication constancy is important, but it doesn’t mean you must speak the similar way to every person. You should modify your messages slighter by keeping in mind about listener. Some people like explaining in details, some like short and sweet, some people like to hear the bottom line and some like the big picture. Just pay attention to their signs and modify your communication consequently.

Listen Enthusiastically.

The most significant and unnoticed principles of great communication is GOOD LISTENING. Don’t zone out some one is talking and confirm that your body language specifies your interest. Keep eye contact and react with small motions that show you are paying attention and receiving the message. If you have any doubts about what you are hearing, try rephrasing or reciting back what you have heard.

Let others finish.

If you are eagerly waiting to speak so you can jump and speak, means you are not truly listening. So, first train yourself on not to think about intruding other speakers instead confirm that they have completed their say before you start speaking.

Ask simple questions.

You will learn more only when you keep your questions meek and open-ended like what, why, when, where. If you ask correct questions you will always get the correct answers.

Be polite

Avoid looking at your watch or checking your mobile when someone is talking. Give respect of your entire attention.  

Use the power of “I” statements

Being productive in communication is more important. To make your communication more productive, you must shun uttering your thoughts as facts. For an instance, instead of telling “this project is failure,” you can tell, “ I am very concerned about the sustainability of this project.” It’s better to avoid using “you” statements like “you haven’t done anything” that set up a series of ruling and defensiveness. Instead, say, “I can see there’s still a lot to be done.”

Give attention to what your body’s saying

Some investigators discover that body language speaks up more than half of what you are communicating. Listen to your postures whether your posture is open and confident, or closed off?

Make sure your tone matches what you’re saying if you want your message to be clear.

Watch your tone

Often confirm that your tone matches what you are saying if you need your communication to be clear.

Avoid sarcasm

Sarcasm has a high failure rate and even when it works, it generally aids to destroy strong connection and build walls.

There somethings you can do that will value your organization and leadership more than employed to develop your communication skills.

Confirm that you and your team member are communicating clearly and with determination, and your chances of success grow hugely.


Confidence is very important to acquire good communication skill. So, be confident while interacting with other. Confidence safeguards your colleagues that you believe in and will follow over with what you are saying. Showing confidence can be as humble as making eye contact or using a strong but friendly tone and shun making proclamations sound like questions. Avoid being aggressive and arrogant. Make sure that you are always listening to and understanding with the other person.

Communication habits : At the heart of successful leadership and great business is great communication.

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