Important Remedies To Get Rid Of Fear

    • A strong body is a great help in overcoming fear complexes. So first and foremost, strengthen your body through regular and methodical exercise. Remember the idiom: “A sound mind in a sound body.”

Easy way to come out from fear

    • Strengthen your mind by reading the energizing ideas of swami Vivekananda. Read them well. Then try to assimilate them. How to do that? Think on these ideas again and again; from various angles, trying to form as many associations with other thoughts in your mind, as possible. Then try to apply them in your daily life meaningfully. You will be able to this – i.e. applying it in your daily life meaningfully – only by keeping close contact with persons who have molded their lives on these ideas.
    • Identify some elders or possibly even some among your friends, who are wise and brave. Associate with them. This will help you understand your mental condition, and thereby root out your imaginary fears.
    • Develop moral conduct, dutifulness and a disciplined way of life, and your mind will forever be free from fear. Know for sure that moral force is the strongest force in the world!
    • Stop brooding over your little short-comings and weaknesses. Rather strive constantly to overcome them. Solicit elders’ guidance and assistance from your friends, which will be valuable.
    • Never try to draw others’ sympathy by revealing to them your inhabitants and weaknesses. It will only pave the way for others to misuse you and make you all the more helpless. If at all you feel the urge to open up yourself before someone, make sure that the person is a true well-wisher of yours.

  • Even when you have a fear, try to avoid giving it an expression. This will surely help you to overcome it gradually.
  • Use your will power to knock out any earful thought the moment it raises its head; vehemently assert to yourself: “I am bold! I am bold! No, I am not at all afraid! I am bold1” By saying this way you will develop infinite self-confidence.
  • Never sit idle. Always be engaged in some constructive and creative activity. At least have some healthy recreation. And remember this wise saying: Fear is the result of too much mental activity too little of physical activity.
  • Whenever an unexpected, unhappy news comes, people tend to lose their nerve immediately. Try to overcome this tendency. Do not take it too seriously. Take it easy. After some you will yourself feel that there was actually no need to panic. If you can keep your cool, you can more easily decide on your next move.
  • It is not a good practice to keep comparing yourself. Sometimes these leads to an inferiority complex and fear creep in. So, just be yourself. Know that you are not any less great.
  • Pray earnestly to God for help and strength. Know this for certain: The god to whom you pray is omnipotent and all-merciful. He is ever eager to come to your help. But it is necessary that you have to call up on him, that is, you should pray him earnestly. Though he remains unseen, he protects his devoted children in his own inscrutable way. Only, you should not stop him from protecting you, by doubting his unfailing presence. Hence have tremendous faith in him.

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