The Virtue Of Giving – A little Grain Of Gold

One day a beggar was begging for alms from door to door. At that time he saw a golden chariot coming towards him.

He thought that the owner of the chariot is very rich king. So, he expects that the king will give him unlimited wealth as alms and his miseries will come to an end.

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The chariot stopped in front of him, and the king came to him and asked him to give him what he had.

The Virtue Of Giving - A little Grain Of Gold

The beggar slowly takes out the very tiny little grain of corn from his bag and gives it to the king.

At the end of the day, the beggar returns to home and emptied his bag on the floor.

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To his great surprise, he found a very tiny little grain of gold in the heap of alms.

He realizes his foolishness. He regrets that he could not give all he had to the king.

He weeps bitterly and then realizes that the king is none other than God himself.

God sometimes comes down to earth in disguise to check his devotees. The message of the story is, that god gives everything to us unasked if we surrender ourselves completely to him.

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