A short story on  A Great Life Cannot Be Built On Excuses.

There was small village in utter Pradesh, in India, with about 30 to 35 families. The village was surrounded by small hills covered with thick bushes and trees. It was a remote place that lacked even the basic amenities for villagers like medical help or schools. The villagers had to walk for 15 km, or pay for bullock cart to take them to town.

One day, 50 year old man from that village had an idea – if a track or road could be made over one of the small hills, it would reduce the distance to the town 15 to 4 kms. He was very excited with his idea and he consulted his idea with all his villagers, but no one supported him. They all gave several reasons, ‘it is work of government’, ‘we don’t have time’, and some people looked at him as if he were crazy. But the man held on to his desire of making that road.


“A great life cannot be built on excuses”

“He felt that every excuse the villegers made had some kind of fear behind it – a fear of unknown, a fear of change, a fear of failure…he turned his decision into action and he carried out his plan alone. He worked on it without any second thoughts, and after six years he was successful – the road was ready. Now the villegers celebrated his achievement, and some ministers came to the village to give him an award and praise his inspirational courage. A great life cannot be built on excuses. Successful people do not allow excuses to creep in, and nothing can stop them once they have their heart set on a goal.

“To make a path across the hill was the man’s dream. Of all the people in that village, only he thought of the idea since he was self-motivated and courages. Though he was an uneducated man living in a remote village, there was source of greatness within him – it was to treat his life as a gift from god and to make the best use of it.

Even if a person lacks formal education, he can come up in life by strengthening his inner qualities and adopting a positive attitude. But if he lacks these qualities, even the best education will not lead him to a successful life. However, if a man has the right combination of a good education and positive inner growth, success in life is assured.”


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