How To Stay Hungry For Success And Way To Achieve It

“Success is found outside our comfort zone.” – Quote

Think about it! If you want to be better/superior than you are now, then you have to look beyond yourself and grow. It may be mentally, physically, financially or spiritually.

All you have to do is expanse yourself beyond where you are now.

Suppose, if you are facing a tough time in getting into an action, just look at yourself in the mirror and question that whether you want a bite of success, or just 4 -6 of course meal!

How To Stay Hungry For Success And Way To Achieve It

If you find yourself famishing for success, then, it’s better to find the best way to get things done in your life – Try be around the people who are achieving success. Spend time with them, see how they do their work, and learn how they think, plan and implement. Unsurprisingly you will develop like the people you are around.

“Birds of feather” is a real story and it will be helpful for the people who is really starving for success.


For years, financial California, was a pelican’s paradise . The town was the site of several fish canneries. In fact, it was the home of cannery row, a street propagated by noble prize-winning author john Steinbeck in his novel of that name.

Pelicans loved this town because fisherman’s cleaned their clasp, disposing all the scrapings and pelicans would banquet on those scraps. In Monterey, all pelican could be well fed with-out having to effort for a meal.

But as time went by, the fish along the California coast were exhausted, and one by one, the canneries all are closed. After shutting down the canneries pelicans got into trouble.

As you know, pelicans are naturally great fishers. All pelicans fly in groups above the waves of the sea, and when pelicans find fish, they immediately dive into the water and scoop up their clasp.

But these pelicans hadn’t fished for many years because still now they got their meal without any effort. So, they had grown-up stout and inactive. Now their stress-free meals were vanished. Now these pelicans were really starving.

Preservationists from the area broke their brains to find out a solution to help the pelicans, and finally they came up with a result. They bring in pelicans from another area. These new pelicans used to scavenging every day, and these pelicans mixed them in with the local pelicans.

The new pelicans directly started fishing for their own food, and weren’t long before the starving native pelican birds combined them and started fishing for themselves again.

There is nothing more exciting in life than discovering a good idea through hard work and perseverance and bringing it to life

Once you win the golden Bowl, in business or in life, it doesn’t mean you win again if you do not instantly go back for training. You must always stay hungry, success / failure, win / lose. Success needs continuous attention, the moment you halt chasing for it, it will escape you.

So stay hungry and focus on your goal.

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