Renew Yourself

Anandmurthi Guruma said in a satsang that “Mind is good servant, but bad master”,.

Our thoughts are emanates from our mind, so mind is our master. The great Rishis yore had examined and concluded that change for the better can be brought only by a change of the mood of the mind . If that is changed, then changes in one’s lifestyle, attitude to things, behavior and quality of thoughts also follow outfits. This change has to be brought around three levels.

(1)    The quality of thoughts (2) The quantity of thoughts (3) The direction of thoughts.

                  After all, the mind is but a flow of thoughts. Once our thoughts change, we can surely say that our mind has changed. When our mind is changed, we are changed. When we change everything about us becomes fresh. We no need to wait for first of January. The day we change, is the 1st January and it is new beginning for us. We are the bosses of our life .

                  Likewise, we need to learn that the time is ever pure, ever new, and never old. Now-A-days, the trend is to say, ‘I don’t know what kind of a time this is, a very sad time. Everywhere around the world there are wars and demolition…”if we analysis this carefully, we will realize that, we,  the humans who have committed these slaughters. On whom should we blame? Is it Time? Has time killed anybody? No, Time never did it. It is we the people on the earth who promoted themselves by false values of abhorrence, jealousy ravenousness, passion and lust, action in the world. The quality of these actual actions is our involvement to time making or damaging it.

                That is why James Jordan said that ” It’s not that some people have will power and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not”.

                  So finally, what you need is bravery to change and renew yourselves. If the bravery to change is lacking, then progress is impossible. What you needed is restoration of attitude. How will you attain it?

                   This can be attained through dedication to the lord, which can bring a oceanic change in one’s thought. When you are surrounded with a good company like quiet and serene-minded people, your thoughts can rarely go off target. We don’t even get spoiled in evils and entertain nasty thoughts. As soon as each individual changes thus, the world external is also effectively changed.


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