Habits That Hold You Back From Success

Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them.  And you don’t have to keep them, either. They keep you.  – Frank Crane

Habits That Hold You Back From Success

About Habits

Habits make the person you are. It is impossible to make a major change in your life without abolishing the obsessive hold they have upon you. Changing self-defeating habits must take priority in life.  Most of us are not even aware of the idea that our lives are built around so-called “bad habits. We are also ignorant that we have programmed wrong responses into our subconscious minds. Consequently, we must change ourselves to better ourselves.

Can you give up your desirable?

No, So no sum of will power is of any use unless we really want to give up old habits. Maximum of time we put efforts to get rid of the painful effects of the habits rather than the habits themselves. For instance, most of the dieters initiate on a serious note, feel underprivileged soon and start filling the mind with thoughts of food. Finally dieter gets used up by his thoughts and start overeating. Therefore, if person want to shed his weight, he must “mentally orient” himself to the idea.

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A person who taught his mind with the idea will seldom fail in his efforts. Before you can change any habit, you must fully recognize and accept that you have one. The fact that you can’t accept your faults is the reason why you can’t overcome them. Vocally condemning yourself for having them only tightens their hold, thereby defeating all efforts to overpower them.

Positive habits and negative habits

The next step in your efforts should be creation of new, more positive habits by eliminating your negative habits through substitution by providing worthy, positive thoughts and actions to replace them. It should bring back to your mind the efforts of parents who take away some harmful things from the hands of children, by offering something else in return. This keeps the child’s mind off what they had taken from him.

When you create a new positive habit, you must be convinced that the change will bring about the gratification of a particular need or desire. As a new habit becomes stronger, we are less tempted by the old one. But we must constantly remember that old habits are not completely destroyed. They are only submerged. For this reason, we must always be aware of our thoughts and actions and keep dominant thoughts operating constructively upon new habits.

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