Conquest That Negative Voice Inside You

Julie Reed says, “The worst enemy is the negative voice inside you”.
Every one of us has this problem. This nagging inner voice tries to give wrong idea and direction to you. Conquest that negative voice. For an example, you are very confident that you can do a certain given task successfully but your inner voice slowly rise doubts inside you like… are you capable to do it? , also it says don’t take risk by taking this task, sometimes it insists you to give up. Here you have to understand

a realistic, without your knowledge you will accept to that.
So, it’s very important to defeat that negative invoice. Vincent van gogh says, “If you hear a within you say ‘you can’t paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

conquest negatie thoughts

Steps to Conquest negative voice:

Recognize its presence
We all have to accept that inner voice has always been there, which makes you think and act as controlling voice of reason. But what it actually does is, it cut your legs from beneath you. As it is always been there, we are just living our life without recognizing that it is there and we always ignore what it does to us. So first recognize it and be honest to yourself. This is not that easy for some people to admit but it is must. Once you become aware of its presence and what it does, then you will be in the good position to deal with it in right way.

Sink it with positive thoughts
At any time you clasp that inner voice telling you something negative, pawn it with something positive. Willie Nelson says, Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

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Say out loud:
It is very easy to do. The voice you hear loudest wins. Whenever your negative thought or inner voice dominates you by saying I can’t do this task / it is very difficult to do, you just say louder that I am going to finish the task successfully / It is easy to do. You may think how it is going to work. It will, when you speak louder to yourself.


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