10 Formulas For Successful Life

Is it true that there is a formula that shows how to lead successful life?

Success cannot be enforced to come by satisfying an exact formula. Each person can lead successful life in his own way, by uniting and adding talents that only they own – talents that make these persons exclusive.

The message is clear:

Success does not grow out of thin air. Remember that no one became successful when being lazy or while being asleep. The mainstreams of people have to work hard and devote time for being successful. Sometimes they work very harder and longer than other.

10 Formulas For Successful Life

Following are 10 important formulas for successful life:

  • Don’t miss any opportunity: If you get any small opportunity don’t miss it. Though it is small, it is also an opportunity so use it and do it properly. Great opportunities will come and knock you door.
  • You can succeed in your goal with broken hand but you cannot succeed with broken hearts.
  • Talk very politely to the person who respects you and talk by living your life successfully to the person who insults you.
  • Whenever trouble comes don’t close your eyes, it will kill you. Open your eyes and face it, you can win it.
  • Stop thinking that what others will think about you…because it creates inferiority complex in you (without you knowledge).
  • Never underestimate anyone. There are many things to learn from them too.
  • Never think “Shit, what life it is” instead live your life by thinking that “what a good life I have and no fault in my life” you will realize the beauty of life.
  • Don’t see the status of the person who comes before you; just go pass by throwing small smile to them(by doing so you are not going to lose anything).
  • Though you hate some person appreciate them for their small success.
  • Before avoiding anyone, think a while… how you will feel if other person do the same to you.

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