7 Secrets Used By The World’s Richest People

Seven Secrets By The World’s Richest People: Men and women who become rich and successful have used these seven secrets hidden ingredients which makes them rich. If you apply them into your life, you are sure to achieve success, money, power, fame and glory.

“Without faith nothing can be achieved. And always remember: in back of every person who ever created anything enduring, there is the secret ingredient of strong faith.”


7 Secrets Used By The World’s Richest People

Seven Secrets By The World’s Richest People


Always remember, without visualizing it is impossible for you to build vast fortune and accomplish success. The tata, birla and others all used this secret hidden ingredients of vision evolving their creative ideas into success patterns that gave India priceless benefits and which made them rich.

If you are interested in cultivating vision it is essential that you should look around you at the world in which you live. How can you change for the better? How can you improve your work? How can you give something new that will benefit it? This can be a new product some special service or some new ideas.

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7 Secrets Used By The World’s Richest People


It simply means to be able to create opportunities and find ways of achieving success when none seems to exists. Most successful l people create their own opportunities. They do not wait for someone to bring them a fortune, but they depend on their minds to analyze a situation and then act in a positive manner to create success wherever they are. You must create this habit of resourcefulness. The following simple method will help you to accomplish this goal.

First all, each day see how you might improve your own business in some way. Perhaps you could write letters to customers telling them about special services of products you will feature .you might feature some product that brings customers into your shop of business and present them with a fuller schedule when they come into make inquiries. Also check your talents and see how might be able to improve yourself so you will better than your competitors in business. Try to improve your personality by smiling more often. Improve your voice, so you can talk to customers more effectively and influence them to buy your service or products.

Faith in us

All wise and religious teachers of man throughout the centuries have insisted that one of man’s greatest limitations is his lack of belief in his ability to do.

To act with belief we must cut doubt and misgivings out of our minds. We must begin every intended achievement with the acceptance of the fact that it will be achieved. To make faith work we must not give mental recognition to the possibility of defeat frustration. Concept of doubt and faith are incompatible. If doubt is present there cannot be faith.

Faith works! As he who acts as if he believed in himself, keep mind free of doubt and misgivings, will work miracles as surely as night follows day.

Power of imagination

The power of imagination can be developed by following method.

Find a place in home where you won’t be disturbed at least for an hour.

Now sit comfortably and run through your mind all the prospects for future growth and development.

Imagine yourself in work you like to do. Visualize yourself being rich and successful, and then consider all the possibilities you have for accomplishing this dream.

If you build a strong imaginative concept of future, you strongly desire, your subconciouse mind will find the means to bring it about.


The concentrated power of your mind, when directed to a single goal, will burn away problems and remove obstacles that in your pathway to riches and success. Concentration

focuses your mind power on the one goal you trying to accomplish. It eliminated all unimportant details and causes you to fix your mind on only that which is important and which pertains to what you desire to achieve in life.

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Burning desire

Everyone desire to be rich, but only the person who desires it with intensity actually accomplishes it. This emotional intensity helped direct the electric and magnetic currents of the brain to his nerves and muscles, and drove him to seek out fame and fortune.

Burning desires is in back of all great invention, scientific discoveries and industrial achievements. The strong desire for faster transportation drove man from ox-carts to steam boats to motor vehicles and aero planes. The desire to reach the moon caused man to find the means to accomplish this impossible goal.

A burning desire to become rich will give you the motive power to accomplish.

 Good Motive

Always remember, great fortunes are not built by desire alone. There must be a motivating force in back of your desire to make money. A good master motive  helps shape your actions in the direction of achieving a big fortune. Thus, bigger your master motive, the greater will be the fortune you make.

If you have good motive to educate your children, to build a nice home for your family etc. you need to concentrate all your forces of mind and body to create a fortune.



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