Music plays a very important role in every human’s life which helps to lower anxiety and improve positive mood in people.

Music therapy is a kind of medicine. Brave heart, recently came out in full support of the practice advocating music therapy as a cure for cancer patients.

Even car, during long drive drivers play music to forget their stress.

A Twenty year old, A Violinist, Aneesh.V is releasing an album meant to be used only in car.

Music can channalise one’s thoughts towards a positive pool. when stress or angry, playing soothing music can calm your nerves.

“The power of music is un speakable”. It is also used as a Band-Aid for broken relationships. Music is a big support for patients in many ways,Patients in hospital also hear music to forget their pains and for time pass. Music makes all people to dance even old people like to dance. There is no humans to say  “I don’t like music”.

A new born baby also dance and enjoys the music with their beautiful smile.

Many people love A.R. Rahman music which gives us energy, positive mood.

The gentle strains of classic music or the quick ceats of a funky track might just be the  therapeutic balm your body needs.

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