Simbhu’s feeling on Dhanush Kolaveri Song Hit

Kollywood Hero Dhanush has now reached peak of popularity. Even he might have not expected this popularity. His Koalveri song had become the world famous song and a big hit.

Prime Minister of India and China had invited Dhanush for the banquet party. This shows that he become so famous all over the world.

Simbhu is the competitor of Dhanush in Kollywood, now he unable to bare the popularity of Dhanush gained in one song. The hit of Kolaveri song made simbu angry and he is really in kolaveri on dhanush.

As a competition now simbhu too made an album. It is a love song and he is very busy and struggling a lot to give a big hit. If we open the face book, you can find in one day there is 4 to 5 links to that song. Not only that, with the help of sony music he promoted the song in You tube (by giving money).

Dhanush A Lukiest Man.

His first entry itself rocking. He gave hatrick hit, continuously 3 hit movies “Thuluvatho Ilamai, Kadhal Konden, and Thiruda Thirudi. Now his latest movie “Aadukalam” got National Award, and now kolaveri song is top 1 song in USA.

Watch Kolaveri Song here

One more high light of Dhanush is, he is son-in-law of  kollywood SuperStar RajiniKanth.

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