Floating Soap

Procter and Gamble developed soap in 1879. When the soap was made, first it also sank like the other brand soaps. But later this soap hit the market like anything for its floating specialty.

You know how it happens?  What made the soap float? And what is name of the soap?

It was never planned to make it float. The soaps “floatability” actually came about accidently.

One fine day, in the soap manufacture, a worker went for lunch. He forgot to switch off the machine which mixes the solution of soap. When he came back, he found something curious. He found a frothy mixture. Many workers and Mr. Procter himself looked at the bubbly concoction and decided it was still usable. They did not throw away the mixture. This mixture becomes soap. The soap hit the market soon and was liked by consumers. Once the company traced the floating soap to the frothy solution, it realized all it needs to do was to beat air in to the mixture as it was being made. This made the soap lighter than water and that is why the soap floats. And the name of the soap is Ivory soap .

This soap is 99.44% pure.

What happens if you microwave Ivory soap?


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